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Backing Tracks

These backing tracks were recorded live without a click track to emulate the live feel of stage playing. The tracks were recorded at 25th Street studio in Oakland Ca.
You will notice a bit of lead guitar bleeding into the drum mics as the the musicians were in the big studio with just the use of baffles to further create energy; No one behind glass! It was a pleasure to play with my son, James Eric Robinson II on bass, and the slamming Bryant Mills on the drums, both have amazing instincts to propel the soloist.
I was inspired to create these tracks from my studio sessions as many teaching aids out there have lower quality sound recording and do not use real instruments in a live setting. I wanted to raise the bar for instructional backing tracks and to better emulate the joy of live.
As you jam along to these tracks, follow the roadmap laid out by the incredible rhythm section.
Yours in Music,
James Robinson
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