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James Robinson is a phenomenal guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area suburb of Campbell CA. James Robinson gives a high energy and charismatic performance that is not afraid to explore instrumental improvisation to the deepest level. Each performance is a trip into the magical realm of sound, with the depths of his music fueled by the energy of the audience. 

James Robinson grew up in the San Jose suburb of Campbell, the twelfth of thirteen children, and was inspired to learn classical piano at age eight and moving to guitar at the age of 12. James studied voraciously every imaginable kind of music 8-10 hours a day.
All manner of instruments and styles were played in the household, from jazz, classical piano, fusion, blues, country, rock, and the list goes on. The Robinson family home is always filled with every music style imaginable!

James is greatly inspired by the multi-cultural influences of is home.  James blends these unique musical colors into a virtuosic exhibition, leaving listeners in awe of his talent.


James performs true musical fusion by integrating multiple genres and musical styles from around the globe and crafting these colorful sounds with musical artistry.


Robinson names  Al Di MeolaJohn McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía as deeply influential in the development of his sound. Robinson expands on the Latin World Jazz blended acoustic genre (Santana), and adds Allan Holdsworth, Pat Metheny, and Robben Ford, and Jimmy Hendrix with screaming electric guitar.

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