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“James Robinson has been my guitar teacher for approximately the last 10 years. I have been playing for the past 26 years. James himself is a master guitarist. He covers all genres of music: rock, blues, Latin, jazz, classical, as well many other styles. James has an amazing talent as a guitarist, as well the ability to teach complex concepts to all ability guitar players. We consistently had jam nights organized by James. Many of James's students gathered with James and we played tunes. James always led the jams, and instructed while we had these jams. This is by far the best way for a student to learn.


James is a very positive person. James is very smart. James is always on time. James always comfortably pushes his students to the next level. James has a very likable personality. James is one of the best guitarists and teachers that I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. Any guitarist would gain much knowledge from James.”



“James has helped me reach my musical goals by greatly improving my improvisation skills. He taught me to look at chords in a progression individually, and how they function, and how to apply different scales and arpeggios over those chords. This helped vary my sound since I would usually play a single scale over an entire progression.

I think the most helpful thing about James' teaching is that he has an example, song, exercise, etc. to

answer any of my questions. He also knows just how much to give you in a lesson to not overwhelm you while also teaching it and breaking down concepts in a very general and easy to understand way.

This helped a lot when we got to learning and practicing harder pieces; like learning and

understanding how and why 2-5-1 progressions work and then learning something like Giant Steps."

“Before I met James, I felt stagnant with playing the guitar and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to gain from it. Once I started taking lessons from James, he took my playing ability and comprehension of

not just the guitar, but of music, to another level.


That’s the special thing about him, he doesn’t just

teach you how to play the guitar, but how to play music. Through him, my level of joy and passion for the guitar and music has grown tremendously, plus I finally have an open sense of its purpose in my life. And to add the cherry on top, he is also just an overall great human being.”

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