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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Bluegrass is fundamental American music, and these tracks are excellent for new players and experienced alike. There are several different tempos (BPM) to help you hone your rhythmic and melodic skills.

People ask me how I get to bluegrass music. My answer is that there is just music. Music is Melody, Rhythm, and harmony and gaining an understanding of a style. Country music, bluegrass and all styles of music were played in my home growing up. This gave me a great respect for American music, and all music.

Feel free to reach out if you want a lesson or need some coaching.

Yours in Music


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{Denver, CO} – James Robinson to release ‘Lonestar’ a reimagined Live in the Studio Blues/Rock EP of the late Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble tracks. Available in all major music streaming services on 8/4/22. ‘Lonestar’ EP features San Francisco Bay Area native James Robinson on electric guitar, his son James Robinson II on bass, and Bryant Mills Sr. on drums. ‘Lonestar’ features five tracks (21 minutes and 21 seconds) recorded live in the studio, each tune in one take.

James Robinson announces new EP ‘Lonestar’ to release 8/4/22 James Robinson is a multi genre, multi instrumentalist that has returned to his musical Blues and Rock roots to present four of his favorite Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble tracks: Little Wing, Travis Walk, Riviera Paradise, and Testify. ‘Lonestar’ includes two versions of Little Wing (Hendrix) revisited by Vaughan, and now reimagined by Robinson. The EP was recorded at 25th Street Studios in Oakland CA during the COVID-19 pandemic. The EP was mixed and mastered by Blake Aaron (Innervision Records) and produced by James Robinson.

Robinson is known for his virtuosic technique, playing effortlessly across many genres including Blues, Flamenco, Latin, Classical, and Jazz. Robinson reimagines these five tracks with his signature intensity. Robinson expertly blends his own sound with the Blues and Rock genres, and delivers these melodies with precision.

Robinson describes recording at 25th Street Studios (Oakland, CA): “25th Street studio has an awesome vibe and it's so great to all be playing in the same room together and to feel that energy of what it’s like playing on the stage. During COVID, we did not have any other live outlet, so it was important to capture that live sound and rawness. Coincidentally the name of my amp on this session is a Mesa Boogie Lonestar set to 100 watts and cranked! We did all the tracks in one take. This truly gives it the immediacy and improvised direction that we thrive on.”

Robinson describes his playing on this EP: “I had a residency in Mountain View for 15 years that honed my guitar sound, giving it intensity and helped me to develop the sense of groove and melody needed to grab and captivate an audience. There is no experience like live playing, and I really wanted this EP to deliver this energy, raw and full of emotion. I even picked both takes of “Little Wing” because I could not pick one, so picked both!”.

Quotes: “James is an extraordinary talent that deserves to be heard.” Larry Carlton

“He’s phenomenal!” "James Robinson’s new record New Beginnings” is an exceptional display of virtuosic guitar playing. He is sounding just phenomenal on this record and his chops, tone, note choice, phrasing are all quite stellar. It’s rare to hear someone that has such authentic acoustic chops, also able to sound great on a screaming electric guitar, and he's that guy." Steve Vai

"...a fabulous improvisational jazz guitarist" Art Thompson, Guitar Player Magazine


Instagram @James.Robinson.guitar Facebook @JamesRobinsonGuitar Youtube

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Happy New Year to you all! We have been hard at work these past few months setting up my new studio and home in Denver Colorado! Ive been enjoying Red Rocks for leg day workouts, and the amazing Skys and sunsets.


I've also been working with students online with Zoom while the pandemic has taken its course. I truly enjoy teaching guitar and music, and am currently accepting students in person in the Denver area, and online. Email me for more information

Looking forward to more music projects featuring the Denver sound and including new instruments. Follow me on socials to see weekly updates on my adventures.


James Robinson

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