James Robinson Live Stream 4/4/20
Apr 04, 7:00 PM
Live Stream

03.26.20 POSTPONED!

James Robinson Electric Project  |  Club Fox   |   Redwood City, CA.
 + Alex Lucero & Live Again
7:30pm Alex Lucero & Live Again
8:30pm James Robinson
Tickets: $20 ADV  $30 DOOR 
Doors 6:30pm
Show: 7:30pm
Age: 21+
Does Alley 12-15


James Robinson Electric Project  |   Moe's Alley   |   Santa Cruz, CA
 + Alex Lucero & Live Again
7:30pm James Robinson
8:30pm Live Again
Tickets: $10 ADV.   $15 DOOR (Cash only)

Fall & Winter

Silicon Valley 2019 

James Robinson Latin World Jazz:
Cascal| Mountain View, CA
House Band:

Dance Show featuring Bay Area musicians,
percussionists and guests from around the world.
08/09/19 Friday
08/17/19 Saturday
08/30/19 Friday
09/13/19 Friday
09/21/19 Saturday
09/28/19 Saturday
10/05/19 Saturday
10/11/19 Friday
10/19/19 Saturday
11/02/19 Saturday
11/08/19 Friday
11/16/19 Saturday
12/07/19 Saturday
12/13/19 Friday
12/21/19 Saturday

7.13.19 Saturday

James Robinson  |  Advanced Student Showcase | 
Little Lous BBQ | Campbell, CA
House Band:

James Robinson Guitar 

James Robinson II on Bass

Carrie Robinson Vocals

Suzi Humbert Vocals

Celso Alberti Drums

Bi-Annual student showcase shows off James Robinson's advanced
guitar students in a jam setting. This event is an invitational jam at one of
the Bay Areas hottest blues/rock venues.

6.7.19 Friday

James Robinson Group  |  Westminster Presbyterian Church |   San Jose, CA
7pm Acoustic Concert:

James Robinson Guitar & Mandolin

James Robinson II on Bass

Chris Robinson: Harpsichord

Yuecel Karabulut: Saz & hand percussion

Tom Whiskey on hand percussion

Timo Gutierrez on congas

6pm Doors
7pm Music Begins
$25 suggested donation for ticket

3.19.19 Tuesday

James Robinson  |  Bing Auditorium |   Stanford, CA
7pm Latin American Studies Music Performance
7:30pm Music
Private Event


James Robinson New Beginnings |   Kuumbwa Jazz   |   Santa Cruz, CA
Album Release Concert
7pm Doors
7:30pm Show
Tickets: $20 ADV.   $30 DOOR (Cash only)


15th Anniversary Cascal Party |   Cascal   |   Mountain View, CA
VIP invite only!
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