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Classical Album to Release 2/24/23

James is proud to announce his upcoming release: Mostly Contemplative Classical Guitar coming 2/24/23.

Chris Robinson joins his brother on harpsichord for the Vivaldi pieces:

Stay tuned on the socials for more behind the scenes and previews of the Mostly Contemplative Classical Guitar album.

  1. Vivaldi: Concerto in D for Guitar, RV 93: I. (Allegro giusto) 03:32

  2. 2 Vivaldi: Concerto in D for Guitar , RV 93: II. (Largo)

This album showcases 21 pieces ranging from the Renaissance, Baroque, classical and modern periods.

The album is available now on the website, and will be available in all major streaming services 2/24/23.

Photo: Dave Lepori

Graphic Design: Suzi Humbert: Heartsease Creations

Production: Mixing and Mastering James Robinson

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