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New Beginnings is Here:

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Such an epic adventure it was during the making of this epic album. Three years, three moves, several hundred hours in recording session, mixing, mastering, printing, transcribing, rehearsing, and then releasing has... wait for it... wait for it... arrived!

2/8/19 Began the new album release adventure with a SOLD-OUT show at Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz CA. On stage to perform the latest tunes include: Celso Alberti on drums, Timo Gutierrez on hand percussion, Jeff Buenz on guitar, Simmy Willemann on violin, Tom Bartolero on dumbec, James Eric Robinson on bass, Suzi Humbert dancing, and James Robinson on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin.

Thank you to all who supported the album, and special thanks for our sponsors Ted Black & Hill Guitar Company (James performs with 5 of his guitars) and we look forward to bringing New Beginnings to more stages around the world! Video snippets will follow on instagram @jamesrobinsonguitar

Music can now be found on all music platforms:


Suzi Q

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