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Re-release of New Beginnings + Azul Sky (bonus track)


We are thrilled to share the re-release of New Beginnings with Innervision Records with Azul Sky (Smooth Jazz Radio) bonus track! Please help us launch this album to the charts by pre-saving the album... here

Below is the story of New Beginnings. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!


James Robinson, Suzi Humbert, and James Robinson II


New Beginnings began with a two day recording session at the 25th Street Recording Studio in Oakland CA May 4-5th 2016. Sound engineered by Peter Labberton. Celso Alberti on drum set, Willie Garza on hand percussion, and James Eric Robinson II (James Robinson Sr. son) on bass. Suzi Humbert also on hand for photography, videography, and food/coffee/cookie provider!

Over the next three years, James Robinson took the bass/drum/percussion tracks from the original session and crafted melodies and lines that became New Beginnings. James became inspired to write music on various instruments, including his debut recording of mandolin and bouzouki. James credits his family for instilling in him his deep love of all music styles. These influences are greatly noticeable in New Beginnings with the number of different stringed instruments and music styles blended into his guitar virtuosity.

January 2018: Photoshoot for album commenced with Dave Lepori shooting photography, and trying very hard to not get run over in the middle of the street! Thank you Dave! You ROCK!

Mixing & Mastering: Summer 2018

James was connected to Marc Daniel Nelson, the protégée of Ken Caillat, and Marc mixed and mastered New Beginnings.

The Show

Independent Release: Feb. 8th 2019 at the wonderful Kuumbwa Jazz in Santa Cruz CA.

We enjoyed a sold-out show with all of our dedicated fans and loved ones.

New Beginnings Liner Notes: I am super proud of this project and it brings me the greatest joy to share making music with my son, James Eric Robinson. Special thank you's to the musicians Celso Alberti, & Willie Garza for putting their hearts & souls into this project. James Robinson November 1st 2018 Musicians: James Eric Robinson- fretted & fretless bass. Celso Alberti-drum set. Willie Garza- hand percussion. James Robinson- Played & recorded all guitars; nylon, steel, electric, mandolin, bouzouki, assorted percussion. James uses Hill Guitar Co. classical nylon string guitars, Martin steel string acoustic, PRS & Fender Strat modified by Keith Holland Guitar Hospital in Los Gatos CA.

This album is dedicated to

my love Suzi, my hummingbird.

Thanks: To my sisters, Patty, Mary Ann, Katie, Jane & to my brothers Steven, Mark, Michael, Danny, David, Peter, Richard & Chris for keeping our home full of musical inspiration. Steven & Margaret Robinson for opening up their home and hearth to music, laughter, & love. Celso Alberti for your invaluable expertise & help with tracks. Don Durante, Brad Daley, Magdalena Reina & all the Cascal family in Mountain View CA. Somewhere in the Los Gatos Hills... Jon Motley & Tina Kwan, thanks for you friendship and patronage of the musical arts. Ted "Black Magic" Black and family. Peter Labberton- Sound Engineer 25th Street Recording Studio in Oakland CA. Daniel Yarritu guitarist extraordinaire. Marc Daniel Nelson for mixing and mastering & making this project epic! Dave Lepori incredible photography. Frank Pollifrone & family. Ken Caillat. Kenny Hill & Hill Guitar Co. Keith Holland Guitar Hospital To all my students, past & present, for always inspiring me to share in the joy of music.

Art photos © 2016-2021 Suzi Humbert

All Rights Reserved © 2016-2021 James Robinson

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